Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Guest speaker from New Jersey

Do you enjoy active Lodges? So do we … From the Lodge that continues to bring you exceptional Masonic Education – meeting, after meeting … Cannon Memorial Lodge will never disappoint. We have had an AMAZING year so far that included a speaker from the National Sojourners, Worshipful Brothers, Past Grand Historian, The Grand Marshal, The Deputy Grand Master, 2 Past Grand Masters, and just last month, the Current Sitting Grand Master of NC Masons.

Just a reminder that Tuesday, July 17th,we are honored to present a guest speaker who comes to us all the way from the Garden State of New Jersey – Worshipful Brother Jason Resendes, a Past Master Livingston Lodge #11. He has graciously agreed to present one of his most popular programs along the East Coast – “The Hidden Secret of Masonry.”

WB Resendes has even asked that Lodges bring their Entered Apprentices, FellowCrafts, and even petitioners to this special presentation. He feels that every man will find something worthwhile in this program, and perhaps even learn fundamental building blocks to increase membership and attendance. We would love to show him a large crowd of

We will also plan to:
  1. Discuss our ongoing School Supply Drive
  2. Review our upcoming raffle
  3. Receive a few petitions / affiliations (on track to hit 50 this year)
  4. Talk about the 2 streets we “adopted”within Kannapolis
  5. Vote on an application for affiliation
  6. Hear a proficiency on the 2nd degree
  7. Discuss the upcoming Grand Lodge trip to Alexandria, Virginia (June 20 – 22) – and the 3rd degree, which will include our Fellow Craft
  8. Coordinate our upcoming 2nd degree on July 31st

What’s for dinner? We are in for a treat! Our JW will provide an amazing Salisbury Steak dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy,biscuits, desserts, and drink for only $7. Dinner begins at 6pm and is open to the public (including those interested in the Craft), with the meeting starting at 7pm.

Also, please don’t forget that we are in the middle of our 2-month School Supply Drive,and are asking all Brothers to bring a few items that can be donated to local schools.

Together, Masons make a difference!


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