Friday, April 27, 2018

Statewide Traveling Gavel

Those Masons at Cannon Memorial Lodge are at it again …. It is my pleasure to report to you that the ‘Ninja’team from Cannon Memorial Lodge #626 have secured the Statewide Traveling Gavel from Greensboro Lodge 76 on April 26th.

Having already unsuccessfully attempted to gain the gavel a few weeks ago, we realized that a large crowd of Brethren is necessary for the win. With a group of 11 Brothers (including a single EA), we were welcomed with open arms by the Brethren in attendance for this emergent communication on the 1st degree.

As a lodge we are honored to win, and to have participated. We have an upcoming 3rd degree on May 8, and an upcoming 1st degree on May 29 …

Now comes the fun part,please consider this an open invitation to all Lodges in the State of North Carolina to attend an upcoming degree because … “we cannot wait to give this gavel away”.


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